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Our Green Mission

Here at Foppers, we have always been conscious of the amount of waste we produce from our production, packaging and sales departments. We try to maintain an economically friendly work environment by decreasing waste and reducing our carbon footprint. With natural resources becoming scarcer, Foppers wants to partake in the “Go Green” initiative.

Recently, Foppers moved to a facility in a town with high unemployment and little chance of vertical growth within a company. Instead of building a new facility, Foppers purchased an old vacant building and started the long process of renovations. During these renovations, construction workers were told to save as much material as possible that was torn from walls, ceilings and floors. Concrete blocks, scrap metal, thousands of feet of wire, scrap wood and insulation were all ripped out and repurposed. Over 80% of the materials were saved and recycled. The 20% Foppers was not able to reuse was sent to the local recycling facility.

Not only has Foppers created jobs in an unstable economy, but they have also increased property value around the area of their facility due to the intense renovations listed above. Foppers also has gone green in all of their production processes.

Starting in the baking department; empty bags from our ingredients are thrown in a separate recycling bin. Leftover dough is used to make scrap treats that are donated to local shelters and other various non-for profit organizations. All donations received by the sale of our goods at these events are 100% guaranteed to the organizations, Foppers does not profit from these sales. Our ovens are only turned on when being used and are based off of a rotisserie system. We can bake our treats with less energy consumption at a quicker speed because of this.

Moving on to decorating; all of our boxes full of yogurt our reused after emptied for packaging purposes. Also, our sixty foot long coating machine puts a nice layer of yogurt over the treat, and the unused yogurt is continuously cycled back through the machine to ensure minimal waste. Reusable bowls and reusable bottles are used for our hand decorating department. Instead of throwing them away, they are sanitized and ready to be used again.

Our packaging area benefits from our office staff in many ways. Our office staff recycles all paper and cardboard materials. In order to fill our boxes full and ensure our product is shipped safely, we shred and reuse all paper materials to fill our boxes full. This means the office is recycling over 60% of their materials. Also recycled in the office are ink cartridges, which are taken to a local shop and refilled instead of being thrown out.

What happens when a Foppers treat is broken or damaged? Well, here at Foppers, we recycle those too! We donate these treats to the surrounding shelters to help treat all the dogs they are currently holding. Foppers also donates or sells our damaged treats to local farmers to feed their sheep and cattle to keep their businesses running. Because our treats are 100% all-natural, this ensures that the animals are healthy and happy.

Foppers believes firmly in helping maintain our environment and natural resources. Through the processes listed, above we recycle over 90% of our materials used within the facility. Foppers is currently looking to improve this rate while continuing to provide quality products at affordable prices.