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Company Contacts

Michelle Leffert

President & CEO
E-mail me at michelle.leffert@foppers.com
Call me at (574) 516-1060 Ext 200
Fax me at (574) 516-1061
Michelle Leffert, owner of Foppers Pet Treat Bakery has 30 years of entrepreneurial experience. She has owned and operated multiple successful businesses throughout her career. Michelle grew up with an agricultural background, giving her an upper-hand in the all-natural pet food market! Michelle knows how to find the healthiest ingredients, the most natural flavors and she keeps Foppers Pet Treats affordable! Foppers is family owned and operated.

Tom Helvie

E-mail me at tom.helvie@foppers.com
Call me at (574) 516-1060
Fax me at (574) 516-1061
Tom comes to Foppers with many years in production supervision experience from Caterpillar Inc. Tom is currently working on the certification process for Foppers. With Tom’s vast knowledge in the certification process from his previous employer he will be taking Foppers to the next phase of quality assurance for our customers.

Brenda Flores

Orders Control Manager
E-mail me at brenda.flores@foppers.com
Call me at (574) 516-1060
Fax me at (574) 516-1061
Brenda brings to Foppers her computer knowledge and communication skills. She is a fluent speaker of Spanish, and has been studying Mandarin Chinese for over five years. Her family owns multiple successful small stores in which she was been helping with for over 15 years. With her vast knowledge of customer service skills, she helps ensure that all of the Foppers costumers are completely satisfied.

Nicki Payne

Production & Quality Control
E-mail me at nicki.payne@foppers.com
Call me at (574) 516-1060 Ext 202
Fax me at (574) 516-1061
Nicki Payne, daughter of owner Michelle Leffert, attended Sullivan University Culinary Arts School in Louisville, Kentucky. Joining Foppers in 2004; Nicki brings valuable, artistic ideas to the new treat creation process. She manufactures new treat shapes and gift sets on a quarterly bases to keep Foppers from never falling behind on the new trend in dog treats! Nicki overseas the production line to ensure Foppers is reducing waste throughout the production process by following our Green Initiative guidelines. To find out more about our Green Initiative please locate the page on our website through the tabs at the top of the page.

Chris Maxson

Operations Analyst
E-mail me at chris.maxson@foppers.com
Call me at (574) 516-1060
Fax me at (574) 516-1061
Chris offers his experience from the Army, automotive, and agriculture industry to help provide solutions to challenges that arise. Not only can Chris be found working at his desk, but may be on the production floor with team members or even helping consult customers or suppliers. Being able to visualize and understand processes at hand, Chris can provide key information to support the Foppers team.